Only one species !

09/02/2014 09:49

Here is an interesting video about the interrelationships between the soil, water, air (environment) and the existance/dependence of every living creature on the planet.  Literally speaking, every life form participates in the formation of the cooperative; that thing we call a biosphere.  Every creature contributes its life works ... and evey creature derives its living from ... the environment it has helped create.  Only the human species creates artificial life forms (GMOs), chemical concoctions, and contaminants that are not known in nature.  


There is no waste created in nature that does not already have an offsetting bioprovision to return that waste to a safe state and prepare it for reuse.  At least that was true until the human species began to create such anomalies.  We are introducing some very unnatural things into the environment we depend on for life.  And every one of those unnatural things effects the air, the water, and the soil in ways we do not comprehend ... and in ways nature cannot process back to reusable forms.  The eventual outcome of our hyper-production of contaminants is worrysome to say the least.  But at its worst could eliminate all life on this planet ... it's simply unpredictable.


Lets put it another way so you can understand the full impact.  Not a single atom in your body was created there.  Every atom came to you through the air, the water, and the food we grow from our soils.  Every atom in your body is there as a result of natural chemical processes that reprocess what we breate, drink, and eat.  We use these atoms temporarily during life, after which, those atoms are retuned to the environment and reprocessed again and again as other life forms might need them.  But the processing mechanism only knows how to reprocess what it has learned to reprocess ... not the newly created GMOs or chemicals it is bombarded with now.  Some break down partially (creating new problems never seen in nature) and some will never breakdown.


We create like the Sourcerer's Apprentice" ... we know not what we do.  We might end up destroying all life on this planet ... but for a brief moment in time we will have created some incredible corporate profits.



09/01/2014 11:21

We have a penchant for looking the other way.  It's easy ... and we don't have to look at things we choose not to see.  But do those things go away?


They Chemtrail the sky and we look down so we don't have to acknowledge the fact they are aerosol spraying toxic chemicals into the air to float down, poison our water/soil, and collect in our lungs.  They frack to ground with toxic chemicals to release oil and gas from the sub-strata ... but we watch TV instead of recognising that the fractured rock leaks those chemicals into the ground water (you know the stuff we drink), our soil, and into the air we breath.  The modern industrialized world creates and sells products to consumers all over the world ... and in so doing they create almost as much waste that ends up in landfills, or the soil, or the water supply, or in air pollution.


Does any of this go away because you fail in your duty as a citizen/species ... to recognise what is happening?  No ... it does not go away ... and while you may not experience the effect of those toxins yet, or directly ... your children and/or grandchildren will ... unless we change our way of doing business ... human business.

Check out the video.



02/25/2014 10:36

"It's difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on him not understanding it!" UPTON SINCLAIR

And now you know why corporations get away with cutting corners, raping the earth for resources, and polluting the environment ... while nobody says anything. Further, the definition of a corporatocracy ... is where they take control of the government using the same ploy.

Gun Control

02/25/2014 10:31

Power to the People.

Here is great way for you to take control and show your support for gun control.

Make up the following sign and plant it in your front lawn (front window, what-have-you) for everyone to see.


There ... that should do it ... and good luck to you.


Have a feeling you're being watched?

02/03/2014 08:25

When they gather data ... and it is personal to any individual (or group) ... it is surveillance.  It is not a question of what they say they will or will not do with it.  It is a question of what they can do with it ... and that is an invasion of your privacy.  This video is wort watching.


Corporate Raiders

01/20/2014 09:15

I'm not sure how you might define corporate raiders ... but here is my thought on it.


Are you entirely satisfied with the idea that the owner of a company should be faultless for the actions and/or misadventures of the company he, or she, owns?  Suppose that company was involved in THE creation of toxic chemicals ... like the one in West Virginia that just had that calamitous toxic chemical spill that fouled the drinking water for tens of thousands of people?  Should the owner of that company be able to simply say "oops" and walk away "scott free" paying nothing?


Well this may be a shock to you ... but that is exactly what is happening.  The company is called a corporation ... the owner(s) are called stockholders and legally have no liability.  The operators of the company are called executives and will pay nothing for their extreme ineptitude.  The corporation itself has now declared bankruptcy.  Most corporations are leveraged to 80 or 90% leaving very little in assets to go after for clean up costs.  So who pays the clean up costs?  You do ... my friend ... you do, as a taxpayer.


If you haven't figured it out yet ... corporate liability laws for stockholders, executives and bankruptcy ... are set up to form a "guilt free" facade.  In a way, these laws effectively create a taxpayer funded subsidy for corporations, stockholders, and executives that protect profits and shield personal assets ... AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE.  They cause major and irreversIble environmenTal damage ... profit from it ... and make you pay to clean it up.  I don't know how long that particular corporation was in business.  But I can guarantee one thing ... not one penny of the profits they enjoyed during that time will go toward the clean up.  DOES THAT SEEM FAIR TO YOU?



Issues for 2013

06/03/2013 08:18

Here are the major issues we need to address in 2013.

1.  Fracking.  Cracking the rock strata below our feet to get at trapped oil and gas.  The only problem is the chemicals they use travel through the cracks they create and filter into our ground water, our soils, and leak toxic chemicals into our air.  Don't believe their ads about it being safe ... it isn't.  The lessons we learned from our landfills is ... every single one will eventually leak (into our ground water, soil, and air).  And landfills don't start by cracking the rock layers below them.

2.  Chemtrails.  Supposedly a way of reflecting solar heat back into space to slow global warming.  The only problem is that most scientists agree (at least those who are no connected with the corporations selling global warming stuff) global warming is a myth.  But this high altitude spraying is killing our lakes, streams, soils, forests, insects , and animals.  If it kills them it will eventually kill us too.

3.  The Federal Reserve (not an agency of the US Government).  Touted as the organization that keeps our money supply in balance ... controling inflation and interest rates.  The only problem is they print the money they create from thin air, add it to our national debt, and charge us interest on it too.   let me put it another way.  If they print $1 million at the end of the year we owe the $1 million plus interest of 3% ... so we owe them the original $1 million plus $30 thousand in interest.  Well they never printed the $30 thousand ... they only printed the $1 million.  So ... where does the extra $30 thousand come from?  When you figure that one out you'll begin to understand just how much trouble our government is in ... and just how diabolical the bankers are.  

4.  Corporations.  Originally created as a way to limit liability of stockholders while encouraging the creation of necessary public works.  The omnly problem is ... no one gets in trouble for the mis-deeds of a corporation ... you can't put a corporation in jail.  The stockholders are not laible for any action of the corporate entity.  Stockholders simply want profit ... and they don't too much care how the corporation does it.  Officers of the corporation are not liable either ... they simply direct the employees.  Whistleblowers are threatened with job loss and law suits if the speak up about wrong doing.  And the officers enjoy what is called golden parachutes at termination (as long as they keep their mouths shute too).  This lack of liability thing should be immediately ended.

5. Corporate Ownership of GEs and GMOs.  The idea was originally sold to the public under various versions of proprietary rights.  The only problem is corporations have become bullies ... they contaminate the food supply and then charge the farmers for crops that adjacent fields contaminated.  And as if that isn't bad enough.  On one side of Washington they claim GMOs doen't need tobe labeled because they are the same as natural food crops ... but ion the other side of Washington they claim proprietary rights because what they created is significantly different and they need protections.  Well ... which is it?  Further their plans are to own DNA segments that are present in human beings ... how long do you think it will be before they want royalties for that?

6. Government is out of control.  We have a constitution that was put in place by the founding fathers for the purpose of LIMITING government.  In its current manifestation, the government has slowly bastardized our entire system of checks and balances ... and wants to control everything.  And in order to garner public support has used false-flag attacks on its own people to convince them they should give up their rights so the can be protected from an invisible enemy.  Representative in government are now almost exclusively corporate cronies ... because the corporations are the ones funding their elections.

7.  War Powers Act, NDAA, and Presidential Directives.  All of this comes from the fear they have created ... of some bad foreign group that is bent on destroying us.  If you seriously check out the WPA, NDAA, and all the PDs you'll find that every on is primarily directed at the citozens of the good old USA.  You'll find that, once these things are activated ... all citizens become suspected enemy combatants.  They can disappear you, jail you, and troture you ... and you get no due process ... and they don't have to tell your loved ones where you are or what you are charged with.  In fact they don't even need to charge you with anything ... they can just rub you out ... and it will all be one of their deep dark "security" secrets.

8. Privatization.  Originally this idea was sold to the public as a way to curb rampant government spending and waste,  The only problem is ... privatization means delivering our national resources over the hands and minds of corporate greed.  Who thinks that is a good idea (except the greedy corporations).

9. Police state.  Remember whatthe police used to be like ... you know "public servants".  Compare that to the scenes of Swat teams acting as rovin thugs peper spraying innocent sit-down protesters and blasting them with the newest crown control measures designed to pop your ear drums.  And what about this thing where they tell won't let you video waht they are doing.  Just what are they needing to hide ... brutal tactics and unnecessary force?

10. Complacency.  When was the last time you tried to do anything about any of the issues above.

How to tell it's not a conspiracy theory!

05/12/2013 18:58

Easy ... it is not a theory when there is proof.  It is a conspiracy when it is kept secret from the public by our own military.

The effects of Chemtrails are beginning to have consequences ... that may not be reversable. 

Diabolic Geneticide.

05/12/2013 16:28

OK ... sure ... but other than that we're good ... right?



Your DNA

05/11/2013 10:16

You no longer own your DNA ... through the magic of legislation Washington has given it over to the corporations.

Have a nice (un-owned) life !!!!

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