Author Interview

12/03/2012 11:53

Elizabeth Joyce is interviewing the author of the book Songs of the Shaman, the Path of the Feather tonight (12-3-12) on Intenet-radio.  The interview is set for 8 PM Chicago time and to tune in just go to ...

This is a call in talk radio interview show ... so you'll have a chance to actually speak with the author yourself.

Here is a brief synopsis of the book as published on th BBS site.

Red Moon Hombre is a benevolent entity from the Spirit World who, through Robin Miller, wishes to share his deepest, most heartfelt, and personal reflections on Native American Teachings and Culture. In particular he would like for our modern civilization to understand the interpretations of nature that were so much a part of the "old ways" his people believed in and held in trust for future generations. There is no magic, no superstition, and no religious dogma or doctrines to adopt. Red Moon Hombre simply and graciously points to a time when the life-practice of his people was one of balance and respect; not just "for" nature, but "from within" nature as co-participants in the Great Circle of Life. But these beliefs have give way to a new society with a new order of importance; a society that believes in the relentless and systematic raiding of nature's bounty, a society whose own experts and advisors tell them that the economic theory of resource extraction is not sustainable. The book Songs of the Shaman, The Path of the Feather is a gentle rendering of these thoughts ... but what you begin to hears in your mind as you read ... is the pain felt by a people who love this earth as an newborn loves the beat of his mother's heart.

Robin Miller ... Interprets the Significance of Native American Wisdom

I hope you will takethe tim to join us tonight.