The point of this website and blog is to solicite comments (offered in a good way).  I'm trying to get people to think about things in everyday life ... that they have learned to just automatically accept.  Hence the title, "Don't believe me ... check it out yourself!"


It is your challenge to read the blogs and check all available sources of information.  I have been doing this myself for several years now.  The thing that is most surprising is the amount of mis-information people have taken to be unquestionable truth.  The government says so ... science says so ... the medical industry says so ... the blah-blah-blah says so ... and on and on.


What have you experienced and does that fit what you are being told?  If not, it's time to question those authorities and those sources.  Example: recently there has been a commercial on TV that talks about a medical problem faced by a particular sports figure.  He mentions he was surprised at how quickly his symptoms were "managed".   Managed! ... Really?  Is that what you expect from our healthcare system ... an ongoing system of symptom management?  The underlying premise: no need to find a cure ... just pay us (forever) and we'll give you drugs to manage your symptoms.


Wake up America!   You're country has been seized by corporate expansionism ... you've been  "chained and malled" (yep, I spelled that right)!


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