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I am frequently shocked at how our educational system has taught us to accept everything we are told ... almost completely without question.  Teachers/professors, the news services, and our government are all viewed as god-like authoritarians giving us unimpeachable facts and expertise. 


But I have a question … and I’m asking you to think back!  How many of those authoritative sources shown above ever told you, "Don't believe me ... check things out for yourself”?  My guess would be ... few or none. 


In this website and blog I am going to be presenting some “factoids” for you to research on your own.  And I’ll include links to some information sources wherever applicable.  I do not claim to have the answer to any of these anomalies.  My whole purpose is to get you to realize that many of the things you have been trained to accept as facts/realities … may not be as they seem.


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Have fun with this and be ready to open up some new perspectives about the world around you.  Your feedback is appreciated.


Visitors notice

06/27/2012 18:25
We now have what might be considered to be a corporatocracy (see Wikipedia).  Wake up!  My purpose is not to get you to believe what I believe ... just to get you to understand things are not always as they appear.  QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!!

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06/27/2012 18:24
Check the links I have included in each section ... then do you're own research.  You'll be surprised how much of what you believed to be true ... simply isn't!