Would you like to know why it isn’t Safe?

11/03/2012 18:21


More on Fracking!

As if it isn’t bad enough that fracking uses Methanol, BTEX compounds, Diesel Fuel, Lead, Hydrogen Fluoride, Naphthalene, Sulfuric Acid, Crystalline Silica, Formaldehyde, Toluene, Benzene, arsenic, and other unknown chemicals to pry oil and gas loose from the shale rock.  And all this stuff leaks into the nearby soils and waters. 

There are apparently two other completely unforeseen issues.

1.       While all this toxic stuff fouls our air, water, and soil … the oil industry runs TV commercials claiming what they do is safe and a scientifically sound process (they use a pretty lady, it’s very effective).  Plus they coax the public into supporting the fracking process because they tell us it’s good for the economy and creates jobs. 

2.       According to a report issued by John Hurdle of the New York Times (filed with legal documents supporting the claim) … Pennsylvania officials, in their report on private wells in the state, left out the part about poisons in the drinking water. 

So now it isn’t just the crazed corporatocracy out to make a profit no matter what they destroy in the process … they have the benefit of government officials who (according to John’s report) are willing to withhold information from the public about the safety of the drinking water from their wells.

See the Business Insider Report at https://www.businessinsider.com/fracking-poison-pennsylvania-water-2012-11

Question: is fracking safe if they just don’t tell us about the toxins?  Should we feel safe if our own officials simply chose to overlook the contaminations?