Weaponized Food!

03/29/2013 14:57


WEAPONIZED FOOD, now there is a concept you never thought of!

Fact 1: Not one single atom in your body was created there.  Everyone of them came to you through the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe.  Your body is a chemical processing miracle that takes the atoms, molecules, and particles from these three sources and re-purposes them for your own temporary use.  Your entire body has been built like that.  You eat/drink/breathe and viola ... growth!

Fact 2:  Plants work like that too.  They get nutrients from the soil, water from the rain, and we exchange the breathe of life with them through the air ... in a shared biosphere. 

Fact 3: Monsanto has, in the lab, engineered certain DNA sequences that, by law, they have ownership and title to.  What that means is Monsanto actually owns certain chunks of the building blocks of life and has spliced them into our living and active food crops (includes certain species of animals). 

Fact 4:  Monsanto claims not only the ownership of those DNA sequences, but certain rights to any crop that contains them.  Farmers who never bought seed from Monsanto have had lawsuits filed against them when any of those Monsanto owned DNA sequences show up in a their crops ... regardless of how those little chunks of DNA got there.  For the farmer, their crops might have been pollinated by the wind, or by bees ... but it doesn't matter.  if your crop has the Monsanto GMO sequences, Monsanto owns the rights.

Fact 5:  In the past, if something you did on your land created a problem on mine ... you were the one that was responsible and would have to make restitution.  But not Monsanto ... if their DNA chunks somehow end up in your crops ... regardless of how ... Monsanto maintains the rights of ownership.  And the burden of cost falls on you ... to pay Monsanto. 

Fact 6:  Here is a little know fact about lawsuits.  Equality (right, legal, or moral) is frequently define by who has the most money to pursue (or defend) their side of the story.  Frankly it doesn't matter who is right or wrong if your case never gets in front of a judge/jury ... because you ran out of money.  Big corporations, who have access to incredible amounts of money have discovered this and they will keep your legal team busy until you are broke ... in which case none of it ever gets to court.  But the result is preordained ... you lost via "no contest".  In fact the legal profession has a name for this ploy used by the big corporations ... it's called "economic attrition".

Fact 7:  Our illustrious leaders in Washington have seen fit to give Monsanto a pass from liability or labeling on GMO foods (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPrUgEeOJUY&feature=em-uploademail).  They do not need to label food that contain Genetically Modified material (stuff, chunks, etc.)   So, without knowing it ... you will be eating some foods with Monsanto's GMOs in it.  And they don't have to tell you what it is, or where it came from (or even if it is in there).

Fact Last:  If Monsanto claims ownership of GMOs in crops, regardless of how it got there ... then it is logical, and legal, to assume that if they find Monsanto's GMOs in your body ... then they own that too.  Do you have a thousand dollars to defend yourself in court ... Two thousand ... three hundred thousand ... five million, eight million?  Monsanto does !!!!  And don't think they won't come after you ... because our leaders in Washington gave them the power of the law to do so.  And did I mention ... our loving president went ahead and signed it into law !!!!


Monsanto may not own you ... but there's stuff inside you they do own ... and our nation's laws will make you pay.  Think about it ... if you were Monsanto ... what could be more perfect?