09/01/2014 11:21

We have a penchant for looking the other way.  It's easy ... and we don't have to look at things we choose not to see.  But do those things go away?


They Chemtrail the sky and we look down so we don't have to acknowledge the fact they are aerosol spraying toxic chemicals into the air to float down, poison our water/soil, and collect in our lungs.  They frack to ground with toxic chemicals to release oil and gas from the sub-strata ... but we watch TV instead of recognising that the fractured rock leaks those chemicals into the ground water (you know the stuff we drink), our soil, and into the air we breath.  The modern industrialized world creates and sells products to consumers all over the world ... and in so doing they create almost as much waste that ends up in landfills, or the soil, or the water supply, or in air pollution.


Does any of this go away because you fail in your duty as a citizen/species ... to recognise what is happening?  No ... it does not go away ... and while you may not experience the effect of those toxins yet, or directly ... your children and/or grandchildren will ... unless we change our way of doing business ... human business.

Check out the video.