They Don't want your guns

11/15/2012 13:44

Many people are concerned about their 2nd amendment rights … they don’t want to give up their right to own firearms.  Many people feel that our cowboy six-gun days are over and there is no need to be armed like that.  One thing is certain … as a society we don’t agree on this point.

Advocates of our gun rights state that we have a right to protect ourselves and there are times when we don’t have the luxury of waiting until the police show up.  They make a solid logical point when they suggest that if you make firearms illegal … only the criminals will have them.  After all they are obviously not interested in abiding by the law anyway.  And that leaves the average citizen unprotected … until the police show up.  Further, they claim the 2nd amendment was never about “hunting” at all.  It was about the citizen being able to protect themselves … even against the government itself.  That protection process is what they referred to as “militia”.

Certainly there are a lot of nuts running around with weapons and we can agree that they perhaps shouldn’t have access to firearms.  But I am troubled by one facet of that idea … who decides?  Right now … yes right now … they are groping people at airports and other public venues.  I, for one, am satisfied they will never find one of those scary terrorists guys in my underwear or in my wife’s bra.  The practice of assuming everyone that wants to use public transportation is automatically a potential terrorist tells me I need to fear the people who dream up these troubling government schemes to protect us from our rights.

For me what is really frightening is that the clever people in Washington have discover a ploy called “Lateral Arabesque”.  They have figured out that the fight to eliminate the 2nd amendment would just be too hard to win … so … their approach is the “end run” around the problem.  They will use an agreement to codify the United Nations gun ban (and hope no one will notice).


The joy and the fear (together):  “One day they will announce that everyone must turn in their guns … I don’t mean just in America … I mean everyone everywhere.”  I know what you’re thinking … a lot of people won’t do it.

But here is the rub … they don’t want your guns.  Did you really think that is what it’s about … did you really think that the average citizen is going to be willing to challenge a military force coming to disarm citizens?  They wouldn’t stand much of a chance would they?  They are after the people who believe they have some God-given right to protect themselves and the plan is to eliminate them … for good (as in, forever).

So folks … give it up!  What they really want to eliminate is our rights … all of them … and all of the people who think they have rights.  That’s why they grope you at the airport … it’s the beginning of your training … that the rights you will enjoy are the rights they decide you should have … and you had better not disagree.  If you haven’t tried refusing to be groped at the airport you should give it a whirl … you’ll find out very quickly what rights they are willing to let you keep and which ones they have already taken.  Refuse to be groped and then try to leave … I challenge you.