11/28/2012 11:09


We have all heard the term propaganda and most people relate it to the Nazis and WWII.  But are you aware that these techniques are used every day in marketing?  And did you know that even our political agendas are legitimized through the manipulations of public perceptions?  They just don't use the word propaganda any more ... not that it diminishes the overall intent.


Take a look at ...

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Read through the entire presentation above and ask yourself ... when was the last time I really evaluated what I hear (or read) from the media, from advertising, from our politicians, and from our government?  In retrospect, do any of these techniques appear to be familiar?


Now let's take a quick look at a report recently presented by "Infowars" about the United Nations and their current plans to encourage nations to pay "carbon taxes" ... under the pretentious supposition that government can change the weather (but only if we pay them more money)?   What complete garbage!  See ...

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Take a look ... at this quote from the wisdom of Native Americans ...

"We have men among us (like the whites) who pretend to know the right path, 
but will not consent to show it without pay.  I have no faith in their paths ..."
Black Hawk ... Sauk


There are other quotes like this at

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After reading the above and reviewing the various included materials and videos ... will you revise any of your opinions or ?????????????