Only one species !

09/02/2014 09:49

Here is an interesting video about the interrelationships between the soil, water, air (environment) and the existance/dependence of every living creature on the planet.  Literally speaking, every life form participates in the formation of the cooperative; that thing we call a biosphere.  Every creature contributes its life works ... and evey creature derives its living from ... the environment it has helped create.  Only the human species creates artificial life forms (GMOs), chemical concoctions, and contaminants that are not known in nature.  


There is no waste created in nature that does not already have an offsetting bioprovision to return that waste to a safe state and prepare it for reuse.  At least that was true until the human species began to create such anomalies.  We are introducing some very unnatural things into the environment we depend on for life.  And every one of those unnatural things effects the air, the water, and the soil in ways we do not comprehend ... and in ways nature cannot process back to reusable forms.  The eventual outcome of our hyper-production of contaminants is worrysome to say the least.  But at its worst could eliminate all life on this planet ... it's simply unpredictable.


Lets put it another way so you can understand the full impact.  Not a single atom in your body was created there.  Every atom came to you through the air, the water, and the food we grow from our soils.  Every atom in your body is there as a result of natural chemical processes that reprocess what we breate, drink, and eat.  We use these atoms temporarily during life, after which, those atoms are retuned to the environment and reprocessed again and again as other life forms might need them.  But the processing mechanism only knows how to reprocess what it has learned to reprocess ... not the newly created GMOs or chemicals it is bombarded with now.  Some break down partially (creating new problems never seen in nature) and some will never breakdown.


We create like the Sourcerer's Apprentice" ... we know not what we do.  We might end up destroying all life on this planet ... but for a brief moment in time we will have created some incredible corporate profits.