OK ... a twelve year old gets it ... what happened to you?

02/16/2013 09:54



OK … it’s not just Canada … the bankers did this to the people of the USA too.


If a 12 year old gets it … how hard can it be to awaken the rest of the public?


Start from scratch (from no money in existence)  the bankers “print” one million dollars and loan it to the USA (Canada or any other government) with compound interest of 3%.  At the end of one year there would be $1,030,416.00 owed.  That’s $1 Million plus compound interest at 3% for one year.  Here is the problem if we started from $0 money … printed $1 million … and now there is $1,030,416.00 due to be repaid … where does the extra $30,416.oo in interest come from.  They never created that money … they only created the $1 million to start with ???????


The only way to pay the interest on the debt created … is to create more debt.  The 12 year old gets it.  Share this with everyone you know and let’s start to understand who the representatives in Washington really represent.