More on Fracking

12/07/2012 09:14

Getting back to the basics is what this is all about.


The case presented here is clear on several key points ... the corporate entities that engage in Fracking know full-well how dangerous it is ... but when it comes to making money...  that always takes precedence over protecting our environment or human life.  The plan they have in place to offset the public's concern is a campaign of disinformation and hype.  They want to mislead the public into thinking that Fracking is safe and that is does not harm the environment ... but most of all they like to tweak the public by intimating that what they are doing is important for our energy needs, thereby helping the economy and increasing employment.  As if dying from the pollutants in our air, water, and soil is somehow good for us.


I repeat ... they already know the inherent risks.  They already know that every well casing will eventually leak dumping the toxic chemicals they use into our air, water, and soil.  They just don't care.


Now let's touch on pure logic.  If any legislation is passed that allows this to continue ... it is not going to be coming from elected representative that have our best interests in mind.  It will be coming from representatives that have sold out to the big corporations who want such legislation passed.  And those big corporations are hoping they can get in, fracture the rock that acts as the foundation for our buildings, bridges, and homes ... and get out before we notice everyone is dying from the noxious and poisonous chemicals the pumped into these wells.


Thanks go out to Yoko Ono for providing this revealing video.  Pass it along if you like.


Don'y worry ... You only need to send it out to the family and friends you care enough about to want to save !


You decide ... your heart will know what to do!