Military Minds ...

11/29/2012 10:16


Here is an interesting video  (you may need to cut and paste this to your browser)


The military minds who demand weapons like this will tell you we need them ... because our enemies are such BAD people.  (it's a fear tactic ... and the threat may or may not even exist)


But think about it for a minute. If you were one of those "BAD" people on the other side ... two things would be true.  First, you don't think you're the BAD ones, you think we are.  Second, you look at the weapons your enemy (that would be us) is developing and say, "Holy Cow ... we need weapons like that ... if we want to survive!"


Do you see where this is going?  I am not endorsing any individual political agenda but one must ask one's self ... If Iran really is seeking nuclear weapons, why would they think they needed them?  No surprise here!


Friends, as a species ... there must come a point when we finally say to these military maniacs "enough is enough ... we are done killing each other just so you can keep your job ... and continue trying to scare us with the biblical wars and rumors of wars tale."


By the way, did you catch the routine that is going on right now at the United Nations?  They say that everyone everywhere should give up their semi-automatic weapons (they actually want all firearms).  But look at the weapons they want !!!!!!!!!!


Are you one of the people being fooled by this garbage?