Listen up!

01/18/2013 14:09

People people people ... listen up.  This blog was sent to me by a believer ... Take a look ... watch the videos.  I have said it before and I will say it again ... many believe the government is out to get your guns.  But that is only half of the truth.  Yes, they want you to be disarmed and they are willing to use false-flag operations to get the sleepyheads out there to go along with it ... as all good little Americans should.  But there is something much deeper going on.  As part and parcel of this process they are watching ... watching to see which Americans still believe they have rights.  The dark side?  Guess who will be first to get all expense paid trips to the FEMA work camps.  It won't be the sleepyheads ... it will be the ones that need to be re-educated or eliminated.

Here is the submission I received ... and would like to share.

I wrote this to put on your blog - cause I dont have one

To those awake (thank God for you folks), and to those who are still asleep ("Ostriches" - they keep their head in the sand because they cannot handle the truth). I pray you wake up some day, for this country's future needs you to awaken

Those who do not believe in "Secret Societies" need to wake up and listen Intently and carefully about what PRESIDENT KENNEDY is saying about secret evil . Listen to it once, twice, three times... but listen carefully  - Evil societies are indeed real!!!   Kennedy took a bullet in the head from that SAME GROUP who want to "Rule The World" and this Speech is why:

Kennedy Secret Society Speech (please listen to it several times - it's short)
Listen Here:
Read the Text here:

MOST of you think anything with the word "conspiracy" tied to it is a hoax.  It is the Cabal World's greatest advertising to keep people from the truth - and it works

The Cabal is stronger than you think - the FIRST thing the Cabal does is label it a conspiracy so that 75% of the public will disregard it completely.  The 911 boys made so many mistakes, they were tripping over them every day - and now even the "conspiracy" tag became almost ineffective relative to 911.  911 hurt them bad - their own plan shot them in the foot - SO MANY Americans woke up in the months after 911 - many died in making the 911 truth public.

Lets take a look at the latest....  Sandy Hooks

The "Sandy Hook Tragedy"  became the "Sandy Hooks Conspiracy" as soon as anyone started to ask questions about the "News" story they just saw.   Clearly mistakes are made by the perpetrators as evidenced in the footage here, and "awake" people find them and ask questions, but the "Conspiracy tag" cleans up 75% of the mess almost immediately. 

Sandy Hook - see the ORIGINAL news footage BEFORE the Bought & Paid For News group started to edit.  Clearly this was a Gun Control opportunity. Believe it or not, the long term plan is to get the American public to dissolve any and all weapons that would give us a fighting chance against our own militia in the event of public unrest. 

Watch Sandy hooks Conspiracy here:

Do you remember the first time someone lied to you... a friend, a girlfriend or boyfriend...  do you remember how much it hurt... it REALLY hurt -   but you lie too - we all lie - most of the time because the truth hurts more
Do you think our government is incapable of lying - for our own good - for their own good?  YOU BETCHA!!!! - they are the Dark Masters of lying