In the Matrix

03/01/2013 11:33

Many people are reluctant to accept the "ancient aliens" theory of out species.  The one where space aliens come to this planet, are mistaken for gods, and minupulate the basis of our species in one way or another.   What way might that be?  Well there is the theory there was direct intervention or manipulation of our DNA.  There is the theory that they intermingled with our women (yep, we are talking about sex).  And there are a number of other theories that involve manipulations that we have yet to discover ... like thought control or some sort of chemical or electrical intervention.


Well I am not here to sell you on any of those theories.  I am here to get you to watch a short video on what our scientists are doing.  see


Ah good ... you watched it.  Now let's play a game.  Scientists feel they have the authorization, or the right, or perhaps they are somehow compelled to learn the inner workings of the brain (we'll get to the "compelled" part later).  Frankly folks if you believe this research is about anything other than profit and control ... the word sucker comes to mind.  Sure, they will learn a lot, and catalog that knowledge, and perhaps even develope some techniques to battle various diseases.  That is a given.  But the scientists are not the ones who control such discoveries ... they only make the discoveries.  Who controls it?  The answer is simple ... follow the money.  Whomever funds such research endeavors to enjoy any economic gains that might come from the research.  And I smell the stink of the corporation.


In the brief video above they are delving directly into the brain to determine what makes it tick.  Once they know how to control the mind of a fish, they'll progress to another species ... and then another ... and finally the mind of man.  And once they know how to do that we truely are doomed.  It is a widely accepted fact, corporations don't care how they make money ... only that they do.  Look at the environmental disasters that we are now facing with increasing rapididty.  Almost every on can be traced back to a corporation that found a way to transfer their costs, albeit indirectly ... back to the people. 


Take the disasterous meltdown at Fukushima as an example.  They built the nuclear power plant on one of the most active fault lines on the planet.  They knew tidal waves are frequently cause by earthquakes but built the plant right on the ocean.  It should be incredibly obvious to everyone by now that their back up plans for such an event were woefully inadaquate.  The long term causal problems that will grow from this nuclear meltdown are unknown as of yet ... but one thing is certain.  If they do find the builers to be at fault ... they will only be at fault to the extent they have the funds for restitution.  After that the word is "bamkrupt"  and after bankrupt we have ..." the public pays everything else".  Now do you get how corporations work?  Now do you see why they came up with this idea that the stockholders could not be held liable for the actions of the corporation?  Clever devils!


Lets take one last shot at the "compelled" thing I mentioned earlier.  A scientist is no different that any of the rest of us.  The corporation says develop "this idea", good or bad, doesn't matter ... develope it or find other employment.  If they develope products that are safe and beneficial ... the corporations sell the stuff.  If they develop products of questionable benefit ... the corporations sell the stuff anyway ... and tell the scientists to find an offsetting prodcut that they can sell too,to correct what was wrong with the first one.  And so on.


Back to space aliens for a minute.  Is it hard to believe a species, foreign to this planet, would come here to experiment on the unknown creatures living here?  Well I have news for you.  If our scientists discovered some life form on the Moon or on Mars ... research, disection, and manipulation would be the first order of business.  So it is not all that hard to fathom.


But there is a larger question here ... whatever happened to "the right to life"?  Who on earth gave anyone the right, or the idea we should be trying to find ways to manipulate the brains or the DNA of any species.  And who is so foolish as to beleive in the benevolance of the corporatioon?

It's Balderdash !!!! (I've always wanted to use that word in open conversation ... I guess I'll hae to settle for using it in a blog)