I Don't Think You Should Believe Just Me!

11/02/2012 15:23


There is a movement afoot … and it is about saving our lives.  I’m not talking about the lives of our corporate masters and their Technocracy … I’m talking about the lives of every living thing on this planet.

We are not alone!  We are not the only ones concerned!  We are not stupid and we are not going to be fooled any more.  Take a look at the video in this link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hx-G1uhRqA

I don’t think you should believe just me … or any of the other people who have shown concern, made videos, written papers, done scientific studies, or protested.

I challenge you … yes … you! 

Go visit an oil-sand project (you won’t believe your eyes) … I dare you to drink from any river or stream (and believe you won’t get sick from it) … go see the local garbage dump and ask if they can keep the toxic chemical that have been buried there from ever leaking out into our soil and water … visit a farm and speak to its operators about why they feel compelled to plant GMO seeds … drive through an area that has been strip-mined and ask how much water they use it their operation and where that water goes … go see that area that used to be a forest but has been harvested for its lumber.  Look up at the Chemtrails they are spraying into the air we breathe leaving streaks across the sky that blot out the sun.  Ask a neighbor to join you (it will give you both a shoulder to cry on).

Is this the world … is this the environment … is this the heritage … you want to leave for future generations … for your own children?

The corporate technocracy is getting away with destroying our world environment because most people are asleep … and not saying anything.  Well I am and now it’s your turn.

You can't hope that someone else will care ... you need to care!
You can't expect someone else to act ... you need to act!
You can't wait till later ... the only time you control is what we call "now"!