How to Fix the World!

11/06/2012 12:50



I did not write this but I think everyone should read it … and go through all the attached reference links too (it’s important to have all the background material you can get).  You may or may not agree with it, in whole or in part, but you should think about what is being proposed.

This talks about a system where the playing field is leveled and the controlling factions that have poisoned our air, water, and soil … copyrighted our food, and crippled our world economies is dethroned.  It talks about revealing the real truth of human history, releasing energy technologies that have been stifled, and erasing unjust debts.  It talks about establishing human sovereignty and protecting earth’s resources from the plundering which has only served to make the rich richer.

I am interested in comments and ideas too … as, I’m sure, are the authors of the linked article.

Sorry the material is so long … but did you think that cleaning up this mess we’re in … would be easy?