Hacking Democracy

09/19/2012 14:50


Recently someone was quoted as saying “if your vote actually counted for anything … they would have already made it illegal!” and it sounded ridiculous … but is it?


Most voting today is counted by machine (computer).  There are very few hard copies of anyone’s voting record from any election anywhere anymore … so is there nothing that can be used to confirm the accuracy of the computer tabulations.  Can we rely on the results produced by these electronic devices?  Can the results be tampered with?  If we suspect the results may have been tampered with … how do we check the software systems for accuracy?


What if we had none of these protections?  What if the companies that make the tabulating software claim the software is proprietary and that makes it un-examinable?  What if we discovered all of the above was true … and we are being prevented from conducting any definitive test procedures?  What if irregularities had already been uncovered … and we are still blocked from challenging the counts?  What if they passed a law that said once a vote count was “certified” it could no longer be corrected … even if it was wrong?  How can we know that any election is proper or accurate?


Here are two videos that you should study.  If you don’t feel comfortable after watching … I have another question for you.  Do you present your concerns to your elected officials … the same elected officials who may have attained office via fraudulent vote counts?  And here is another question.  When it seems the evidence is incontrovertible that tampering is not only possible but probable … how come no one gets in trouble … why is no one behind bars … why are these corporations are still in business.  Can’t we just cancel their corporate charters?


See https://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/corruption/hacking-democracy.html

And https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DdDR5FxcZE&feature=related


Did you know your vote may be meaningless … and the point of the whole voting exercise might just be to keep you thinking that you still have a choice, when you don’t? 


Oops, I almost forgot … check your watch … it may be time to wake up?