GMO Foods

10/02/2012 11:29


California’s Proposition 37 is a call for the labeling of foods that contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).   The purpose behind such labeling is based on the same premise as labeling caloric content, sugars, cholesterol, and other ingredients so that the consumer can exercise informed and selective choice.


Critics have objected to GMO impregnated foods on several grounds.  There are health and safety issues, ecological concerns, and proprietary concerns.  Proprietary concerns are highlighted by the fact that GMO plants (and potentially animals), as a food sources, are subject to intellectual property laws.  These fears are well grounded in the fact that we could and up with a scenario where ruthless and money hungry corporations privately own all our food sources.  And yes … that would mean pay the corporations or starve.  Now why would we fear that (LOL)?


The opposition to labeling has sighted many reasons why labeling is not necessary or even needed.  Every one of those objectors is, in fact, a corporate (or corporate backed) interest … and their reasoning boils down to two points.  One is the claim that GMOs are perfectly safe (and that is up to question) … and the other is a panoply of profit based issues that only benefit the corporations.  In other words … corporations are afraid people will choose to not buy GMO foods.  If people don’t buy GMO foods it will cost the corporations billions in profits and they will be unable to totally control our food supplies.  No reason to fear that either … is there (LOL)?


Many countries across the world have already banned GMOs or insisted that foods containing GMOs be labeled as such.  You just have to ask yourself … if these GMO thingys are so safe … why are they afraid to tell us what is in our food?


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I can tell you what I think is morally and ethically correct ... but there is no reason you should believe me?

What I suggest is that you view all of the above videos ... do some research on your own ... and then decide for yourself!