Give it up

02/15/2013 11:21

They have already found a way to frighten you ... and in return they started depriving you of your constitutional rights.

Can you travel on an airplane without and invasive pat-down or dangerous electronic screening?  Can you go to a large public event like a sports arena without a pat-down?  What about bus terminals and train stations?  How soon before they start searches ... so you can go to the mall or drive on a public street?  Did you miss it?  All this has already started ... and it's called prisoner training.


I know that seems radical to say ... but read between the lines ... invasive searches assume you are alread guilty of something until you can prove yourself innocent.  Does that sound constitutional to you?


Take a look at this  ... Senator Rand Paul is telling you flat out ... they alread have your fear.  So the next thing they want (to supposedly keep you safe) is your guns.  Kiss the second ammendment goodbye.  They want you to believe the second ammendment was about hunting rights and it was never about that.  The second ammendment speaks about a malitia ... does that sound like something you would need a single-shot deer rifle for?


This game they are playing is called mis-direction and it is the same trick magicians use.  While you are busy looking in one place the trick takes place right under your nose ...  because you're concentrating on the wrong thing.


Now lets get to it.  Do you seriously think that the criminals out there will suddenly be frightened by all these new laws and just give up on crime?  Do you seriously think keeping law abidng citizens from owning firearms will keep the criminals from having and using guns?   How well has that plan worked so far ... look at Chicago, with some fo the strictest gun laws in the nation?  It is a city of millions ... who cannot protect themselves ... and the bad guys know it!


PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE ... they want the American public ... all law abiding citozens, to be disarmed.  Use your logic ... is it because you have all been naughty little citizens who can't be trusted? (there's that guilty until proven innocent thingy again)   Or is it because an armed public can't be bullied by the fear-mongering control-freaks in the government.