Elections are Coming

08/23/2012 10:09


Election time is just around the corner and the politicians are still playing point-counterpoint around the same old issues.  They like dwelling on the state of the economy, unemployment, abortion, and mud-slinging.  Is anyone besides me sick to death of it?  I’m not saying these issues aren’t important … I’m just saying that these are the same issues we have debated for 50 years without a resolution in sight.  I’m also saying that in spite of all the election promises we have heard … most go unfulfilled. 

I’m asking every voter, every concerned citizen, and every family with children to demand answers from their elected officials on a few different issues.  But more than that, I’m asking voters to press for our elected officials to actually fulfill their promises.

Here are a few things I have written about … and concern, not just the people as individuals, but everyone on the planet.  If you are not familiar with some of these issues read some of my previous blogs, do your own research (don’t believe me), and then demand answers from your elected officials.

Here are some important issues they never talk about …

1.Chemtrails … what are they spraying at high altitudes, why, who approved this program, and how do we stop it?

2.Fracking … It is obvious that the toxic chemicals they use in this process can, and do, leak into the air, water table, and soil.  Why has the EPA ignored the incredibly obvious dangers in such practices?  Can anyone explain how they would cap a leaking rock stratum 3 miles down in solid (albeit fractured) rock?

3.Corporation mentality … where profit is the motive, and it always is, corporations cut corners that pollute.  Why are corporate stockholders, executives, and board members granted immunity from personal culpability for such blatant infractions.  Should international corporations be allowed to shield themselves from litigation and clean=up costs using our bankruptcy laws?

4.Corporate ownership of life … should a non-living “legal” entity be allowed to own life?  Corporations have managed to capture copyrights to certain DNA sequences … if a living thing has that sequence in its DNA corporations claim ownership.  Right now they own a majority of our food crops … they are researching the same processes with farm animals … how long do you think it might be before they begin claiming rights to human life?

5.The Federal Reserve … They are not part of our government yet they print the money we use … loan it to us at full face value and charge us interest on it besides.  Whose idea was this?  How did our representative in Washington fall for this trick when we could have printed our own money?  The money they loan us is printed out of thin air … and right now the total amount of currency in circulation is only about 3% of our National Debt.  Do people realize the government signed on to this debt and that means it is owed by every man, woman, and child in the USA?

6.Our Garbage … you throw it in a garbage can and someone hauls it away.  They are building mountains of this stuff … covering it over with soil (out of sight – out of mind) and calling it waste management.  Why does the general population not realize that eventually … every landfill is going to leak toxic stuff into the soil and water table?

7.Free Press … Is it really?  Most news services are owned by multinational corporations who’s interests can be protected by controlling what news and what facts are given to the public.  Do you really want a corporatocracy  to control the information flow?

8.UN agenda 21 … This is an interesting document and worldwide plan for the future.  They want to reduce the population by more than 80%.  Are you aware that our government has signed on to this plan?  Are you aware that our president told congress he didn’t need their approval to go to war against Libya … he said he got his power from the UN?

9.Air, Water and Soil … We talk about our unalienable rights and our constitution … but it was never conceived that one day these things might be considered commodities.  Let’s face it … we have taken every resource the planet offers and turned those things into profit centers.  Wouldn’t you consider the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil in which we grow our food to be unalienable to humans … without paying some corporation for the privilege?

10.Social Engineering … don’t miss the video on Edward Bernays and the one on Humans as a resource. 


Take a look at the page Mother Earth and Father Sky on my website for “Songs of the Shaman” https://redmoonhombre.com/mother-earth-father-sky_263.html .  Review the video links at each heading and if you are not astounded by the things our elected representatives are not addressing in this upcoming election … then I really don’t know what it might take to wake you up.

Now do something …