Concepts of Government

03/25/2013 09:37

Concepts of Government

Government: A government is the system by which a state or community is governed. (Wikipedia)

Govern: To exercise continuous sovereign authority over. (Webster's)

At first blush the two definitions above seem to be exactly what you might expect.  A government is a system to run things (presumably for the benefit and/or protection of its people) and to govern means to exercise said authority.   No worries, right?  Well think again because you have been specifically educated to make certain assumptions about what that means ... as opposed to really understanding specific meanings.

Most people assume, as they have been told, that our government derives its power from the people.  But it is important to understand what it really means.  If "govern" meant to exercise continuous authority that would be one thing.  But the definition includes the word "sovereign" and that changes everything. 

Sovereign: Having undisputed ascendency, unmitigated, possessed of supreme power, unlimited in extent, absolute, (Webster's)

So how does our government circumvent the will of the people?  Simple,  they have sovereign authority which is supreme, unlimited, and absolute.  And now you also know how it came to pass that things like the NDAA can be passed ... taking away any and all rights the people thought they had.  That's right "thought they had" because sovereign means that once a "government is in place" ... your sovereign rights are gone. 

Spend some time and study the words ... undisputed ... unmitigated ... supreme ... unlimited ... absolute ... sovereign.

Oh, and by the way ... Read those definitions above again.  What does "government" and " to govern" really mean?  Where, in those definitions, does it say anything about "for the benefit and/or protection of its people"?  YOU MADE AN ASSUMPTION IT INCLUDED THAT ... DIDN'T YOU!  BUT IT DOESN'T INCLUDE THAT!

I know what you're thinking.  "Our constitution protects us from such nonsense ... our constitution stipulates "for the benefit and protection of the people"!"  If that is so, then how did we end up with a huge list of egregious presidential powers, the NDAA, and the War Powers Act ... all of which completely override your quote/unquote unalienable rights!

Thing about it people.  You've been hoodwinked!