Attention all human beings

04/14/2013 14:02

Hey take a look at the Agenda 21 map ... then vote now ... and vote often!   Look at all the areas that will be off limits to humans ... to protect biodiversity.    Did you know this plan substantially reduces human populations (no not just in the biodiversity zones ... it reduces human population everywhere on the planet)?   What a great idea ... maybe it means they'll kick the oil companies out of those zones too. 

Vote for Agenda 21 now ... before Agenda 21 takes effect and eliminates 90% of the human population (including you) leaving you with no vote at all.


Oh ... wait ... I just found out our president already signed an agreement with the United Nations to institute Agenda 21 ... so it's too late to vote (well, actually you never had a UN Vote anyway ... all you ever had was a vote to elect the president that signed this agreement).  It's just so hard to get all the facts straight when the government keeps such things a deep dark secret. (can't imagine why, can you?)

Hey ... good luck next time on that voting thingy  (assuming you ever get a next time, that is).