A Nostalgic Look Back ...

12/06/2012 13:33

I grew up in the period represented by this video and very much remember everything they are talking about.


It seems obvious there is a big problem with technology ... not the technology itself so much but the "where, how, and who" of technology.  I have said it before; there is nothing about technology that, in itself, is inherently bad.  It's the people and their corporations that are the problem.


To begin with ... no technological advance ever reaches the people, or offers us a better life, or improves our health and welfare, or makes life easier, or reduces taxes, or helps educate us, or prolongs life, or preserves the environment, or offers "-----" (you fill in the blanks) ... unless FIRST AND FOREMOST ... someone has found a way to make money with it.


In particular "corporations" can be found at the root of this dilemma.  It is well known that the big multi-national corporations now absorb so much of our disposable income ... they are in a position to buy every innovation (from its creator) and either monopolize on the idea or squash it so it doesn't interfere with their existing income stream. 


ALL TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES MUST FIRST WITHSTAND THE CORPORATE TEST OF ECONOMIC VIABILITY.  And that is sad!  No matter how beneficial any advance might be, it if they can't make money on it ... or if it might somehow threaten a corporation's existing lock of some phase of our spending habits ... it is buried.


The worst part of this equation is the fact that we (all of us) buy, sell, and trade corporate stock as a commodity without a single thought about what they are really doing.  In fact we set up a shield to protect ourselves and the corporation.  No misdeed on the part of any corporation can transmute to the stockholders; not the debts, not the pollutions. not the lies, not the propaganda, not the purposeful disrespect for the environment, not the raiding of our natural resources to make products that end up in landfills within a few short years ... none of it!


Corporations now run most governments, support and elect representatives to create the laws that suit their greedy needs, print and control our money supplies, and actually own little snippets of life called DNA sequences.  Movies that have been popular recently try to frighten us into believing that the computers or robots called automatons will one day attack and eliminate our species.  If they do it will be because the non-species call corporations directed them to do so.




You decide ... your heart will know what to do!