Listen up!

01/18/2013 14:09

People people people ... listen up.  This blog was sent to me by a believer ... Take a look ... watch the videos.  I have said it before and I will say it again ... many believe the government is out to get your guns.  But that is only half of the truth.  Yes, they want you to be disarmed and they are willing to use false-flag operations to get the sleepyheads out there to go along with it ... as all good little Americans should.  But there is something much deeper going on.  As part and parcel of this process they are watching ... watching to see which Americans still believe they have rights.  The dark side?  Guess who will be first to get all expense paid trips to the FEMA work camps.  It won't be the sleepyheads ... it will be the ones that need to be re-educated or eliminated.

Here is the submission I received ... and would like to share.

I wrote this to put on your blog - cause I dont have one

To those awake (thank God for you folks), and to those who are still asleep ("Ostriches" - they keep their head in the sand because they cannot handle the truth). I pray you wake up some day, for this country's future needs you to awaken

Those who do not believe in "Secret Societies" need to wake up and listen Intently and carefully about what PRESIDENT KENNEDY is saying about secret evil . Listen to it once, twice, three times... but listen carefully  - Evil societies are indeed real!!!   Kennedy took a bullet in the head from that SAME GROUP who want to "Rule The World" and this Speech is why:

Kennedy Secret Society Speech (please listen to it several times - it's short)
Listen Here:
Read the Text here:

MOST of you think anything with the word "conspiracy" tied to it is a hoax.  It is the Cabal World's greatest advertising to keep people from the truth - and it works

The Cabal is stronger than you think - the FIRST thing the Cabal does is label it a conspiracy so that 75% of the public will disregard it completely.  The 911 boys made so many mistakes, they were tripping over them every day - and now even the "conspiracy" tag became almost ineffective relative to 911.  911 hurt them bad - their own plan shot them in the foot - SO MANY Americans woke up in the months after 911 - many died in making the 911 truth public.

Lets take a look at the latest....  Sandy Hooks

The "Sandy Hook Tragedy"  became the "Sandy Hooks Conspiracy" as soon as anyone started to ask questions about the "News" story they just saw.   Clearly mistakes are made by the perpetrators as evidenced in the footage here, and "awake" people find them and ask questions, but the "Conspiracy tag" cleans up 75% of the mess almost immediately. 

Sandy Hook - see the ORIGINAL news footage BEFORE the Bought & Paid For News group started to edit.  Clearly this was a Gun Control opportunity. Believe it or not, the long term plan is to get the American public to dissolve any and all weapons that would give us a fighting chance against our own militia in the event of public unrest. 

Watch Sandy hooks Conspiracy here:

Do you remember the first time someone lied to you... a friend, a girlfriend or boyfriend...  do you remember how much it hurt... it REALLY hurt -   but you lie too - we all lie - most of the time because the truth hurts more
Do you think our government is incapable of lying - for our own good - for their own good?  YOU BETCHA!!!! - they are the Dark Masters of lying



Never Ending Wars

01/04/2013 11:48

There is a principle in science that states one cannot put a stop to something ... that never started.

Read the attached source article on the war on terror.

There are many people worldwide that believe the entire war on terror is, and was, a staged event(s) !  Here are some of the reasons proposed for these beliefs ...

1. People in the military want to keep their jobs.

2. Military contractors can't stay in business if there are no wars and they can't sell product. And they can't keep people employed either.

3. Employment in the field of war technologies is growing in direct proportion to the perceived threats.

4. World (and even local) economies have been rescued by wars many times in the past (and today is no different)

5. If your goal is to control popular opinion, a common threat is a great way to garner support.

6. It is a well known fact that people can be frightened into giving up their human rights in exchange for what they perceive as safety.  This never actually produces more safety ... just more and bigger government ... and, in turn, more perceives threats.

7. World leaders use security threats as a way to increase their power.

8. Newer war technologies create a need for newer preventative measures ... which in turn creates a need for still newer war machines and newer preventative measures ... ad infinitum!

9 The worlds money mongers finance both sides of any conflict (why lose out on an opportunity to make money).  I know what you're thinking.  Why would anyone want to finance the losing side in any war?  Think about it!  Doesn't the losing side need to be rebuilt?  Who do you think finances that?

So ... who needs war, you might ask? 

Answer: That thing you call a government needs war.
How does one define government?  Government is a disease posing as its own cure.

Simply put, we have given up too much power to our government.  And in doing so, they have found that frightening us with unseen and unidentifiable enemies works toward increasing their power.  A perfect example of this was given to us during "The Cold War".  Does anyone really think the Russian people ... or the American people ... wanted to blow up the whole planet just to prove whose form of government was better.  It was never the people ... it was the governments and their power mongering representatives that brought is to the brink of destruction.  Again ... it was never the people.

Now go back and read the article in that link again.   Especially where it states ...

The polices adopted by the Obama administration just over the last couple of years leave no doubt that they are accelerating, not winding down, the war apparatus that has been relentlessly strengthened over the last decade. In the name of the War on Terror, the current president has diluted decades-old Miranda warnings; codified a new scheme of indefinite detention on US soil; plotted to relocate Guantanamo to Illinois; increased secrecy, repression and release-restrictions at the camp; minted a new theory of presidential assassination powers even for US citizens; renewed the Bush/Cheney warrantless eavesdropping framework for another five years, as well as the Patriot Act, without a single reform; and just signed into law all new restrictions on the release of indefinitely held detainees.

Read more:

So who are the real prisoners?  Is it the people behind bars (who know they have been bad little citizens) ... or is it the people who believe themselves to be free but are held captive under an oppressive system of ever-increasing threats and ever-increasing limits to their constitutional, and God given, freedoms?

Just The facts !

01/03/2013 14:05

Take a look at the "Debt Clock" ( ... and take the time to run your mouse over the different categories.

Fact 1.  The total public debt (that's you and me) is $16.425 Trillion

in addition

Fact 2.  The total "unfunded liability" (unfunded because congress already spent the money) is $122.1 Trillion

in addition

Fact 3. The total liability (both figures from above) is $138.525 Trillion

Fact 4.  There are 315 million people in the US and that means collectively we each owe $439,761.00 (to pay off the debt in #3 above)

Fact 5.  There is only $2.65 Trillion dollars in circulation ... meaning we have 52,237 times more debt than there is money to pay for it.

It gets better (and even harder to understand)

Fact 6.  There are 435 representatives and 100 senators in Washington.  If you calculate their spending (all 535 of them) ... individually, each one of them is responsible for ... wait for it ... $25.8Billion in spending.

Fact 7. We have .000019 of the money we would need to pay off the total debt.

Oh, but we are not done yet

Fact 8.  The average congressman in Washington is paid a whopping $174,000.00 per year.  And they are allowed to participate in the Federal Employee Health Benefits program, the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program, the Civil Service Retirement Program, and the Federal Employees Retirement System.  (see )

Fact 9.  Congressmen share an expense account totaling an additional $573.9 Million (or $1.07 Million each).

Fact 10.  Did you know they also qualify for Social Security and Medicare?



So let me see if I have this right.  535 people, claiming to represent their constituency, have run up a tab of $138.525 Trillion ... that that constituency must pay ... all while earning $170,000.00 salary each and working with an expense account of another $2931.00 per day ... plus the other benefit packages they have arranged for themselves.

Fact 11. Defense spending. See
1962 ... $359.8 Billion
1972 ... $403 Billion
1982 ... $406 6 Billion
1992 ... $441.3 Billion
2002 ... $398.2 Billion
2012 ... $653.4 Billion

The 2012 figure is almost twice what was spent 50 years ago.  So now ask yourself ... do I feel safer than I did 10 ... 20 ... or 30 years ago?  Well ... do you?

I believe in the Constitution of The United States, the Bill of Rights, and a representative form of government.  But I do not feel safer than I did 30 years ago.  I do not feel I am appropriately represented by people who would spend $25.8 Billion each (see fact 6 above) and then tell me I have to pay for it.

I do not believe congress should have provided themselves with far better health, welfare, benefit, and retirement packages than they award to any other citizen.  If we are to be truly equal our benefits and retirement must be equal too.

I do not believe we should spend more money that we take in ... individually, collectively, or governmentally.  I do not believe the public should be held responsible for their spending ... I think they should be responsible ... personally. 

To put it another way.  if your owned a company (the US Government is actually a corporation) and the people you put in charge of running your company were this irresponsible (perhaps even criminal) ... you'd do something to fix it wouldn't you?  Well this is your company, and they are acting irresponsibly ... and it is up to you and I to change things!

Forget all the bustle over the fiscal cliff ... it's all theater.  We are over $138 Trillion in debt and they want us to be distracted by their circus acts so no one will notice how much trouble we are in.

Act Now!

The Fiscal Cliff

12/09/2012 15:38

People, people, people ... wake up!  The fiscal cliff thing going on in Washington right now is nothing more than "circus" ... it's theater designed to distract us from what is really going on.


It's not about the Republicans getting what they want ... or the Democrats getting what they want ... it's not about any handshake deal they might come up with where both sides make concessions to strike a balance.  Stop trying to figure out which side is right because it is all slight-of-hand.  The idea is to get you distracted and engaged in choosing sides while they raid the cookie jar.


No matter what congress does. no matter how much they cut spending, no matter how much they change the tax codes, no matter how much they curtail the so called "entitlement programs" ... frankly, none of it matters.  Whether the Republicans get what they want or the Democrats get what they want ... or any combination thereof ... it makes no difference.  And it is time you understood that ... because none of those things have anything whatsoever to do with why we are in trouble as a country.


Here is the source of our problems.  In 1913 Congress passed a law that gave the Federal Reserve the singular and exclusive right to create this country's money ... and it can be created out of thin air.  The Federal Reserve creates this money and loans it to our government at full face value plus interest.


Right now the Federal Reserve is in the middle of QE3 where they create $40 billion per month in fresh debt to buy-up mortgage backed securities (to bail-out their buddies).  What does that mean, you might ask?


In order to simplify let's assume for a moment that no money exists anywhere.  In year "one" the Federal Reserve creates $40 billion (and spends it); after 12 months the US Taxpayer gets the bill plus interest ... so after 12 months we owe $40 billion plus $1.2 billion in interest (3%); which equals $41.2 billion.  But the if the  Federal Reserve only created $40 billion, where would the other $1.2 billion come from ???? Remember at the beginning there was no money at all !!!!  Do you see now where the real problem lies ????  How do you pay off a debt of $41.2 billion when only $40 billion exists ????


There is only one way.  You have to borrow more money and the only source is the Federal Reserve ... could anything possibly more self serving than that?


Right now, according to the US Debt Clock  The US National Debt is $16.3 trillion and going up at the rate of $40 billion per month.  $40 billion per month over a year equals $480 billion ... or $1564 per citizen per year in additional debt.  It makes you wonder how it could be any worse ... but it is !!!!  According to the same debt clock (above) there is only $2.6 trillion dollars in circulation. 


So let's cut to the quick.  Instead of Washington trying to scare us with their fiscal cliff nonsense ... how about if they explain how they intend to pay off $16.2 trillion in debt with $2.6 trillion in existing funds ???  Or how about if they explain how ... and why ... they passed that completely idiotic law in 1913 ... and do something about that ????


So if the Federal Reserve can create currency from thin air and expect to be paid back with interest ... lets pay them back.  It's this simple ... we pass a new law that says we can print our own currency from thin air and send them a check for $16.2 trillion and have done with it.  At least the banking industry will get back everything they actually put into it.


Oh, and by-the-way ... if we did that ... the fiscal cliff would disappear the same day.

More on Fracking

12/07/2012 09:14

Getting back to the basics is what this is all about.


The case presented here is clear on several key points ... the corporate entities that engage in Fracking know full-well how dangerous it is ... but when it comes to making money...  that always takes precedence over protecting our environment or human life.  The plan they have in place to offset the public's concern is a campaign of disinformation and hype.  They want to mislead the public into thinking that Fracking is safe and that is does not harm the environment ... but most of all they like to tweak the public by intimating that what they are doing is important for our energy needs, thereby helping the economy and increasing employment.  As if dying from the pollutants in our air, water, and soil is somehow good for us.


I repeat ... they already know the inherent risks.  They already know that every well casing will eventually leak dumping the toxic chemicals they use into our air, water, and soil.  They just don't care.


Now let's touch on pure logic.  If any legislation is passed that allows this to continue ... it is not going to be coming from elected representative that have our best interests in mind.  It will be coming from representatives that have sold out to the big corporations who want such legislation passed.  And those big corporations are hoping they can get in, fracture the rock that acts as the foundation for our buildings, bridges, and homes ... and get out before we notice everyone is dying from the noxious and poisonous chemicals the pumped into these wells.


Thanks go out to Yoko Ono for providing this revealing video.  Pass it along if you like.


Don'y worry ... You only need to send it out to the family and friends you care enough about to want to save !


You decide ... your heart will know what to do!

A Nostalgic Look Back ...

12/06/2012 13:33

I grew up in the period represented by this video and very much remember everything they are talking about.


It seems obvious there is a big problem with technology ... not the technology itself so much but the "where, how, and who" of technology.  I have said it before; there is nothing about technology that, in itself, is inherently bad.  It's the people and their corporations that are the problem.


To begin with ... no technological advance ever reaches the people, or offers us a better life, or improves our health and welfare, or makes life easier, or reduces taxes, or helps educate us, or prolongs life, or preserves the environment, or offers "-----" (you fill in the blanks) ... unless FIRST AND FOREMOST ... someone has found a way to make money with it.


In particular "corporations" can be found at the root of this dilemma.  It is well known that the big multi-national corporations now absorb so much of our disposable income ... they are in a position to buy every innovation (from its creator) and either monopolize on the idea or squash it so it doesn't interfere with their existing income stream. 


ALL TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES MUST FIRST WITHSTAND THE CORPORATE TEST OF ECONOMIC VIABILITY.  And that is sad!  No matter how beneficial any advance might be, it if they can't make money on it ... or if it might somehow threaten a corporation's existing lock of some phase of our spending habits ... it is buried.


The worst part of this equation is the fact that we (all of us) buy, sell, and trade corporate stock as a commodity without a single thought about what they are really doing.  In fact we set up a shield to protect ourselves and the corporation.  No misdeed on the part of any corporation can transmute to the stockholders; not the debts, not the pollutions. not the lies, not the propaganda, not the purposeful disrespect for the environment, not the raiding of our natural resources to make products that end up in landfills within a few short years ... none of it!


Corporations now run most governments, support and elect representatives to create the laws that suit their greedy needs, print and control our money supplies, and actually own little snippets of life called DNA sequences.  Movies that have been popular recently try to frighten us into believing that the computers or robots called automatons will one day attack and eliminate our species.  If they do it will be because the non-species call corporations directed them to do so.


You decide ... your heart will know what to do!

Author Interview

12/03/2012 11:53

Elizabeth Joyce is interviewing the author of the book Songs of the Shaman, the Path of the Feather tonight (12-3-12) on Intenet-radio.  The interview is set for 8 PM Chicago time and to tune in just go to ...

This is a call in talk radio interview show ... so you'll have a chance to actually speak with the author yourself.

Here is a brief synopsis of the book as published on th BBS site.

Red Moon Hombre is a benevolent entity from the Spirit World who, through Robin Miller, wishes to share his deepest, most heartfelt, and personal reflections on Native American Teachings and Culture. In particular he would like for our modern civilization to understand the interpretations of nature that were so much a part of the "old ways" his people believed in and held in trust for future generations. There is no magic, no superstition, and no religious dogma or doctrines to adopt. Red Moon Hombre simply and graciously points to a time when the life-practice of his people was one of balance and respect; not just "for" nature, but "from within" nature as co-participants in the Great Circle of Life. But these beliefs have give way to a new society with a new order of importance; a society that believes in the relentless and systematic raiding of nature's bounty, a society whose own experts and advisors tell them that the economic theory of resource extraction is not sustainable. The book Songs of the Shaman, The Path of the Feather is a gentle rendering of these thoughts ... but what you begin to hears in your mind as you read ... is the pain felt by a people who love this earth as an newborn loves the beat of his mother's heart.

Robin Miller ... Interprets the Significance of Native American Wisdom

I hope you will takethe tim to join us tonight.


12/03/2012 11:49

Just thought I would share this.  I think it is beautifully done.

Gratitude HD

Thanks to all of you ... and all the bst for the holidays too.

Military Minds ...

11/29/2012 10:16


Here is an interesting video  (you may need to cut and paste this to your browser)


The military minds who demand weapons like this will tell you we need them ... because our enemies are such BAD people.  (it's a fear tactic ... and the threat may or may not even exist)


But think about it for a minute. If you were one of those "BAD" people on the other side ... two things would be true.  First, you don't think you're the BAD ones, you think we are.  Second, you look at the weapons your enemy (that would be us) is developing and say, "Holy Cow ... we need weapons like that ... if we want to survive!"


Do you see where this is going?  I am not endorsing any individual political agenda but one must ask one's self ... If Iran really is seeking nuclear weapons, why would they think they needed them?  No surprise here!


Friends, as a species ... there must come a point when we finally say to these military maniacs "enough is enough ... we are done killing each other just so you can keep your job ... and continue trying to scare us with the biblical wars and rumors of wars tale."


By the way, did you catch the routine that is going on right now at the United Nations?  They say that everyone everywhere should give up their semi-automatic weapons (they actually want all firearms).  But look at the weapons they want !!!!!!!!!!


Are you one of the people being fooled by this garbage?

Secrets ...

11/29/2012 09:37


Do you remember the Kennedy Years?  I do.


Take a look at this video ...

   (you may need to cut and paste to your browser)



This is a very good video for those of you who have yet to accept or acknowledge the existence of the NWO.  Check out the list of participants at the end.


Share this !!!!

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